Unit 4 Prep Work – Week 2

We’re asked to perform the Weekly Writing and do two learning activities:

  1. Design a concept map that shows layers of understanding in my subject – it will help me with determining my lesson plan (remember it needs to float across weeks and–in my understanding of the project–scaffold the learner from simple activities and rote understanding up through application). I need to confirm my grasp of this task.I have an account at MIndmeister that I will use for this.
  2. Explore the relation between Bloom’s Rose and Radio James Objective Builder and Bloom’s Taxonomy and write three learning objectives for “Design & Deliver Page(s) for a Client” series of assignments.
  • I’m going to reuse part of an assignment from the summer of 2012 and update the materials for the purposes of this class. See Instructional Design H-3 for more information.
    Why am I going to redo it? Because I really think my jQuery module is too advanced, and I would like to take more than one activity and assignment from several modules to truly create a series of assignments that build upon each other and therefore (over time) foster a deeper understanding.
    I’m using italics for the 2012 information and the color green for the new learning objectives (plus regular text below it).

Enduring understanding: Programming libraries extend your ability to perform both common and complicated tasks.
Three learning objectives: 

  • Summarize common tasks jQuery UI allows a programmer to implement via the use of widgets.
  • Use jQuery UI to present web content in tab form.
  • Explain the difference between a jQuery UI widget and effect.

In writing the objectives I tried to make sure they fell within different areas of the chart. The first is a type of ‘recall or list’ question. The second is the hardest and it spans more than one area of the chart because of the action word use; furthermore present is also included in that statement. The student should make a web page where they have content that they organize in tab form using the jQuery UI tab widget. (See http://jqueryui.com/demos/tabs/ for more information.)

I think a student should answer “Explain the difference between…” using analysis. However, I would imagine that without providing a rubric or an example, most students would list the properties of a widget and the properties of an effect as described on the jQuery UI website without truly beginning to analyze the differences for themselves.

NEW Three learning objectives:
1. List the information and materials you need to create a web page
2. Interact with a client to determine his or her needs and wants
3. Build a draft web page (up to three pages) to meet the needs as you understand them

The first stands as an objective while the other two will need to be reworked.

  • [you will] List steps needed to create a web page
  • [you will] Explore process of interacting with a client to determine needs AND Evaluate whether or not you have the items you need to proceed
  • [you will] Create a page designed to meet the need as you understand it

OH! I like this!


Discuss the value of taxonomies for defining student learning, with specific examples from your subject area. Attach your learning objectives and concept map.

Lesson Plan: Design & Deliver Page(s) for a Client
Learning Objectives: see above
Concept Map: still coming