Unit 3 Prep Work

Originally posted 7/02/2014

“Brainstorm a list of ways in which the world has changed since you graduated from High School. What knowledge/skill/experience do graduates need today that didn’t exist then? You may immediately think of technology: cloud computing, e-mail, texting, or smart phone aps. List those items, but also think beyond the tools. How is customer service different today than it was then? In what ways have communication (both personal and business communication) changed? How have news and reporting changed? What are your trusted sources for information? How have the methods for presenting information changed? Have the areas of specialization or generalization in your field changed?”

  • We have cable television
  • MTV’s The Real World is in it’s 8th or higher season… and it’s showing on another network
  • Cars are a lot more expensive and almost impossible to fix
  • Disposable refers to many more things than I ever thought possible
  • News on television is simply not news
    • It is wise to check the newspapers from places like Denmark to see what’s really going on
  • People do not understand customer service — in many industries — in others it is EVERYTHING. It’s the experience that people are paying for, not quality. Strange.

Sadly people still like and use PowerPoint. I don’t intend to knock it with my commentary. It’s a great place to start. I used to teach it to professionals and students ‘back in the day’ circa 1995. The world is a bigger place that PowerPoint. Oh. My favorite. “All hail Google.” May it last… it changes daily (like Amazon only different). My thoughts on this? The king is dead. Long live the king.